BJ(MC) – Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

The Bachelors programme in Journalism and Mass Communication at VSJMC combines the rigours of academic excellence and hands-on practical training for training a fairly large number of students who will then take up challenging jobs in the fast growing and diverse media industry. VSJMC boasts of a great infrastructure as well as a skilled and well-qualified faculty, which has enabled us to produce both industry leaders and university toppers.

The ever converging world of mass media has fuelled the need for multi-tasking and multi-talented media professionals, and while VIPS always aims at high academic standards, extra-curricular activities like festivals, events and seminars enable the students to develop hands-on event-management skills, interact with industry experts and exchange ideas with students from other institutes and backgrounds. All this and more makes the BJMC course at VIPS an amalgamation of brilliant ideas, top-class academic standards and best-in-class facilities.


Spandan, the annual Mega Media Event organized by the Media Studies (BJMC) department of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies is one of the biggest media festivals of New Delhi.

This fest is pertinently named Spandan which stands for heartbeat in Sanskrit. It brings together hundreds of students and teachers of Vivekananda Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication as a workforce whose main objective is the success of this grand event. This fest stands out because of these young and devoted organizers. The devotion and persistence of these students is the reason why Spandan is getting bigger and better every year. The name, Spandan, itself generates this emotional fervour that drives these handful of youth to achieve success beyond expectations.

Spandan started in 2004, and since then the legacy has been carried forward successfully by the various batches.
Spandan 2012 is a 4 day mega media fest (7-10 Nov), and theme for this year’s fest is ‘Social Networking’. The aim is to highlight the unrecognized talents through a number of exciting events. These events range from dancing to creative writing, painting to virtual gaming. The idea is to discover and appreciate different talents.