Vivekananda School of Economics (VSE) is the new initiative of VIPS launched in 2017. The reason why there is a growing demand amongst students for Economics or the high cut-off rates in the subject are an indicator to the fact of the growing relevance of Economics in the world today. To cater to this growing need and demand, VIPS has initiated BA (Honours) Economics programme with an intake of 120 students. In Law, Journalism, IT and Business Studies VIPS has already been a leader and in Economics too it will now be the new torch bearer. What attracts one to this course surely is employability and also the prestige associated with the subject. What goes in for enhancing one’s employability are essentially the specific skills that one will hone and learn while earning a degree in Economics at VSE from distinguished faculty trained at prestigious universities in India and abroad. The department intends to establish a very strong industry academia connect. This link with the global community of scholars and industrialists will be maintained by hosting visitors from academia and industries, running regular expert sessions, panel discussions and organizing conferences on select themes.

The three year BA (Honours) in Economics combines diligence with relevance, empowering the students with economic theories, empirical techniques and contemporary policies which they can relate with real life scenarios.