Publications of the Institute

Vivekananda Journal of Research (VJR)

VIPS has complete focus on holistic education that empowers students to excel not only academically, but also as human beings, The ISO 9001:2008 certification is a testimony to the novel learning -process develop by the institute to groom thought -leaders of tomorrow. Standing high on the pedestal of multi disciplinary research, VIPS bi-annually publishes a journal titled Vivekananda Journal of Research. The articles published, express the heterogeneous and the permeable boundaries of critical minds across space and


Code of Conduct and Examination rules & Teaching Skill

Striving towards excellence, VIPS has always seen discipline as the primary tool to mould the conduct of every student. In this background every year a rule book is formulated emphasing upon a culture layered with intellectual simulation, fraternity and altruism, in which any form of ragging (including abusing, harassing, ill-treating, man handling, bullying or awarding undignified or unauthorized punishment to students by any other student) is strictly prohibited



Every month VIPS comes out with a living document of the Institute carrying a mosaic of activities, events, seminars, guest lectures and many more. the beauty of this Newsletter lies in the exposure given to the students especially of the Journalism Department