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VIPS is proud to be associated with YourDOST. YourDOST is India’s first and the largest online mental health and emotional wellness coach. This initiative brings you 24×7 professional counseling services from 1000+ Experts, with complete privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity, wherein you can discuss a variety of concerns like stress, anxiety, time management, career, confidence building, etc.

Visit and use your official email ID (ending with OR to register, and be on your way to seeking professional guidance in no time, for free!

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Dear All,

How're you doing?

Our journey through life is often riddled with so many questions. Questions about Career/academics, relationships, work-life balance, COVID-19 uncertainties and even ourselves. With the ongoing pandemic having disrupted all our lives, the past few months have only raised more questions, maybe even overwhelmingly so.

In these challenging times, and with so many unsettling questions in mind, would you say that you may be in need of a friend who could give anonymous, unbiased, round the clock help? We would like to be that friend and extend our support to you.

Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies is pleased to join hands with YourDOST, one of India's leading online and emotional wellness platforms, to ensure that you're at your happiest and brightest self all the time! This initiative brings you expert advice from 1000+ Experts, with complete privacy, confidentiality and anonymity on a range of subjects including Stress Management, Time Management, Confidence Building, Career Coaching, Relationships etc. Anything that you share on the platform is strictly confidential and isn't shared with any other individual or group including your institute.

So how can you go about utilizing YourDOST's services for free as a student, faculty OR staff member of VIPS? Here's how:

1. Visit
YourDOST Homepage

2. Sign up in a jiffy and be on your way to seeking professional guidance in no time.
Important! - You must signup using your official Institution email id (ending with "" 
or "" ). This will whitelist your account and make sure that you receive our services for free.
Signing Up
3. Alternatively, you can sign up with your personal email id
Important! - In this case, you must signup using your college's/hostel's network. Once that's done you can use YourDOST from any network.

4. After verifying your email address, click "Chat Now" to start chatting with a YourDOST Expert.

5. That's all! You can now start chatting with a YourDOST Expert anytime you want.
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6. Alternatively, click "Book An Appointment" to book an audio/video appointment with a YourDOST Expert.
Should you ever feel the need to open up to someone about your concerns, remember help is always just a click away. Here's wishing a happier and healthier future for you.

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PS. Please write to if you face any issues.
Standing with you,
Team YourDOST