Important Notice

In view of the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, all students of VIPS are hereby informed that VIPS is committed to providing continued support to students learning. VIPS is pursuing online education for students through E-Resources and Online Classes. All faculty members at VIPS are preparing and sharing E-Resources with
students and taking online classes also. In case any student has missed out on the resources or classes, they must get in touch with their Faculty Class Coordinators for details and access to the circulated material.

Chief Operations Officer


Appointment of Counselor/Psychologist

During the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, students are witnessing unprecedented times and this is affecting their mental and emotional health adversely.

In order to address the concerns of students, relating to their mental and emotional upheavals, owing to the current scenario and future uncertainty associated with it, a helpdesk has been created at VIPS.

Dr. Poonam Khurana, a qualified psychologist, and a certified NLP practitioner has been appointed as counselor/ psychologist, to assist students to resolve their anxieties and relieve them of their ongoing emotional and mental stress.

The helpdesk will operate through Email: (No telephone calls will be entertained in this regard).

The students can share themselves freely through this email. All correspondence will be kept completely confidential respecting the sensibilities of the students and the issues. The counselor would respond to all the emails promptly and adequately to ensure the resolution of issues to the satisfaction of students.

The institute assures all students of complete support during these difficult times and wishes the students good health and happiness always.

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