About VSBS

Founded in the year 2000, VIPS established a multiple School structure for each area of specialization, allowing for flexibility to add additional learning streams, if and when necessary, that could be seamlessly integrated into VIPS organization design.

A decade later, imbued in Vivekananda’s philosophy of education, VIPS has launched Vivekananda School of Business Studies (VSBS) offering Bachelor of Business Administration.

With its deep industry linkages, A-list faculty, years of research and insight, VSBS comes with a rich heritage and interactive experiential based pedagogy that prepares students to learn “how to think” as opposed to “what to think”. Since inception, VSBS has been endorsed by quality intake of students, exposed to over 10.000 books strong library, e-library with both on- and off-campus access,cloud-based portals to always stay connected with faculty, research facility and exposure to industry and merit-based placement opportunities.