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WIFF in Campus - 2ND November, 2018

WIFF in campus, a series of movie screenings carried out over various colleges of Delhi/NCR by Woodpecker International Films, organizers of the Woodpecker International Film Festival; were hosted at VIPS by the students of class 5-A from Vivekananda school of journalism and mass communication. The event was held in the auditorium which was initiated by welcoming the director of WIFF, Mr. Rao Narender Yadav. The auditorium was packed with students getting a glimpse of some quality work of cinematography on display. The event also had in attendance the faculty members of Vivekananda School of journalism and mass communication.
The movies on display were – Babai,Bijli giri, Blows with the wind, Chal jhoota, Chaukhat,Luck Ma, Mazhabi ladoo, the Trumpeter, toxic trails and well done.
All the movies were liked and enjoyed by the audience who had gathered and made the event a success. Mr. Rao Narender Yadav said “the very existence of WIFF from its initial years has been to give a platform to amateur and aspiring film makers to exhibit their artistic ideas on the big screen amongst a vast crowd.”
The Filmy Friday at VIPS was closed by a vote of thanks to the guests and attendees, the event surely enthralled a lot of aspiring film makers at VIPS to understand and observe the finer details of film making from close quarters.

International Conference from 26-28th February

International Conference

International Conference1

Interim International Conference On Globalization, New Communication Technologies and Social Transformation: Strategies for the Future(February 26-28, 2017)

Organised in association with ISS RC 14- Culture and Communication as part of International Sociological Association RC 14 – Sociology of Communication, Knowledge and Culture The Chief Guest in the conference was Prof Rajen G. Harshe (Former VC Allahabad University; presently with South Asian University, New Delhi) Keynote Address was delivered by Prof. Yogesh Atal, Prolific Writer and Sociologist (formerly with UNESCO) ISA Presidential Address was delivered by Prof. Christiana Constantopoulou ( Professor of Sociology, Panteion University, Greece) Formal welcome address was delivered by Principal Director VIPS, Prof. Rattan Sharma

TV Today Seminar



BJMC students of Vivekananda School of Journalism and Mass Communication (VSJMC) attended lectures and participated in seminar organized by India Today Media Institute (ITMI) in the auditorium of Headlines Today/Aaj Tak headquarter in Mediaplex, Film City, NOIDA, on November 18.

The first lecture was taken by Mt Richard Stenger, Under Secretary to the US Government in charge of public diplomacy. Mr Stenger is one of the most powerful media persons in the US. He has worked in top editorial capacities (last as Managing Editor) with Time magazine.

This was followed by interaction with renowned journalist Mr Punya Prasun Bajpai, Executive Editor, Aaj Tak. Mr Bajpai is known as a leading authority in credible news delivery.

Prof Shashidhar Nanjundaiah, Dean, ITMI, also addressed the students.


Spandan, the annual Mega Media Event organized by the Media Studies (BJMC) department of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies is one of the biggest media festivals of New Delhi.

This fest is pertinently named Spandan which stands for heartbeat in Sanskrit. It brings together hundreds of students and teachers of Vivekananda Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication as a workforce whose main objective is the success of this grand event. This fest stands out because of these young and devoted organizers. The devotion and persistence of these students is the reason why Spandan is getting bigger and better every year. The name, Spandan, itself generates this emotional fervour that drives these handful of youth to achieve success beyond expectations.

Spandan started in 2004, and since then the legacy has been carried forward successfully by the various batches.
Spandan 2012 is a 4 day mega media fest (7-10 Nov), and theme for this year’s fest is ‘Social Networking’. The aim is to highlight the unrecognized talents through a number of exciting events. These events range from dancing to creative writing, painting to virtual gaming. The idea is to discover and appreciate different talents.