VLS Club

Though the prescribed University curriculum is followed very thoroughly but we believe that classrooms and the prescribed curriculum are not the only tools to build a complete personality. Students are given an opportunity to dwell into their hidden talents by becoming members of the various clubs. Through inter and intra competitions, opportunities are given to the students to polish their skills, learn responsibility and to build confidence. Some of the clubs are:


  1. ‘Expressions’: The Art and Craft Society
  2. ‘Kalam’: The Writer’s Club
  3. The Theatre group
  4. ‘Shake’: The Dance Society
  5. ‘Rhythm and Raag’: The world of the musicians and the singers
  6. ‘Let’s learn’: Seminars and Conferences
  7. ‘Shake your brains’: The Quiz Society
  8. ‘Thoughts, talks and twiddling thumbs’: Debates and declamation Society
  9. MUN
  10. The Sports Club