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A bi annual, peer reviewed, research journal Vivekananda Journal of Research is published with enriched papers from various disciplines. This journal aims to provide an enriching collection of research papers, cases, articles that would ignite critical thought and a forum of exchange for scholarly opinions in academia and business arena. The articles published, express the heterogeneous and the permeable boundaries of critical minds across space.

VJR is a bi annual journal published at the end of two quarters last week of June and last week of December each year. The journal encourages contributions from academia and business on various themes, problems, and policy areas etc. which are written with a methodological focus and are relevant to the disciplines covered. Both qualitative and quantitative research is welcomed which is rich on context and content.

The Editorial Board

  • Prof. K.N. Tripathi (Editor-in-Chief) (Ph.D in Physics from Delhi University)
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  • Dr. Pawan Whig (Dean Research and Publication) (Ph.D in Electronics& Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia,M.Tech, B.Tech)
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  • Dr. M. Balasubramanian (Associate Dean – Research) (Ph.D in Physics from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu, M.Phil, M.Sc)
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  • Dr. Indira Bhardwaj (VSBS Dean)
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  • Dr. Rashmi Salpekar (Ph.D in Law from Nagpur University, LLM, LLB)
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  • Dr. Amit Channa (Ph.D in Journalism & Mass Communication from Assam University, M.Phil, M.A)
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  • Ms. Shruti Nagpal (Pursuing Ph.D in Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia, M.A ,B.A , NET)
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  • Ms. Tushita Gaur Sharma (Pursuing Ph.D in Law from Jamia Millia Islamia,LLM, LLB, JRF-NET)
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  • Ms. Dimple Chawla (Pursuing Ph.D in Computer Engg from Pacific University, M.Tech, MCA, BCA)
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Publisher Detail

  • Mr. Dalip Kumar (LLB, M.Sc, M.Tech) (for and on behalf of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies) Ph. No: 27343401 Address: AU, Block, Outer Ring Road, Pitampura, Delhi
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  • VJR Journal July -Dec -Journal 2017
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  • VJR Call for Papers-8.8.2017
  • Applicability of forensic science in criminal justice system in India
    Manisha Chakraborty, Dipa Dube
  • Historicizing diplomatic immunity, discourses on uses and abuses- a need to revisit
    Namrata Arora
  • Recent trends in capital punishment: judicial mistakes to judicial maturity
    Anurag Deep
  • An ode to the pain of pen: A study of freedom of press and role of investigative journalism in the era of panama papers revealation
    Devika Bedi, Yuki Azaad Tomar
  • A survey on image encryption techniques
    Sunil Kumar, Manish Kumar, Rajat Budhiraja, M.K.Das, Sanjeev Singh
  • Influence of demographic characteristics of consumers on various factors of packaging for biscuits
    Aditya Vij, R. K. Sharma, A. S. Rao
  • India’s mandatory CSR law: issues and challenges
    Navjeet Sidhu Kundal
  • Mutual fund’s investors behaviour – a study of demographic differences
    Geetu Tuteja, Sourabh Bansal, Ankit Gupta
  • Social Media: An Extension To Article 19(1)A
    Tasha Singh Parihar, Debashish Chakrabati, Devesh Kishore
  • Citizenship in the era of digitization
    Namit Vikram Singh
  • A study on data processing and storage for gene expression
    Alpna Sharma
  • Relationship between computers and truth: A technical future towards social justice
    Amartya Raj
  • Perception of E-Youth on the Relationship between Social Media and Active Citizenship in Turkey
    Hasan Tinmaz
  • Legalizing Euthanasia in India: A pro choice argument for dignified death
    Sharmila Ghuge
  • Collegium System: Suggestions for Reforms
    P. Puneeth
  • Knowledge and beliefs about HIV/AIDS among rural women of Udham Singh Nagar
    Yuki Azaad Tomar & Kiron Bansal
  • Understanding & Replacing Security Information and Event Management
    Atul Rana & Diksha Kochhar
  • Trends and Forms of Paid News: An Analysis of Experts’ Opinion
    Ambrish Saxena & Chetna Bhatia
  • Large Scale Government Programs and effect on student Entrepreneurship
    Sanjay Chaudhary & G.S Popli
  • Consumers Decision-Making Behavior towards Buying New Product in India
    Anuradha Jain & Ajit Dhar Dubey
  • Perspectives of Entrepreneurship Education in Indian Universities – Educators’ Perspective
    Meenakshi Gandhi
  • Territorial Jurisdiction U/s 138 of N.I. Act: Dashrath Rupsingh Rathod Case – A Critique
    Rajesh Gupta & Gunjan Gupta
  • Importance of Providing Integrated Network Operating Centre (iNOC) for Government in Today’s Technology Driven World
    Sarbjeet Singh & Lokesh Dwivedi
  • Global Media and Imperative of Gender Expowerment for Sustainable Development in Africa.
    Mr. Umar Jibrilu Gwandu
  • Virtual Classroom an Initiative for Spreading Excellent Education in India.
    Dr. Vinay Kumar, Ajay Kumar Sinha
  • Selection of Plaintext in Rabin Cryptosystems Cryptographic Technique-A Novel Approach.
    Ms. Kanika Minocha
  • TQM in Educational Institutions: issues and Concerns.
    Dr. G.N.Tiwari
  • Analysis of Factors Influencing Investors’ Preception of Mutual Fund Investment.
    Dr. Vineet Cohan
  • Access to Evironmental Information as a means to Access of Evironmental Justice in India.
    Dr. V.Sudesh
  • Globalization Through Harmonization: A New Challenge.
    Vedashree A
  • Mediation : A Boon For The Business Community
    Raghav Sabharwal
  • Sustainable Development in The India Context: The Role of Law Examined
    Dr. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra
  • Mining Best Utility Pattern from RFID Data Warehouse through Genetic Algorithm.
    Dr. Barjesh Kochar & Prof. Pankaj Lathar
  • Economic and Policy Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Analysis in Context of India.
    Ms Mohita Maggon
  • Key organizational factors in data warehouse architecture selection.
    Ravi Kumar Choudhary
  • Causal Relationship between Gold Price and Sensex: A Studt in india Context.
    Prof. S.P Narang, Raman Preet Singh
  • The Economics of Contracts.
    Dr. Ranjul Rastogi
  • Women: An Object of Socio-Legal Graftin.
    Dr. Shilpa Khatri Babbar