Social Media: An Extension To Article 19(1)A

It has been seen that in recent times social media is being used as the platform to express views, opinions, ideas, stand, etc. by a lot of people who want to put forward their views. It has also become a great source of news and information. Presently everything gets discussed on social media either in the form of a comment or in the form of a status message put forward by someone. Every educated person has access to social media as it can be accessed free of cost. One only needs good internet facility which in turn helps people to access their right to freedom of speech. It is a global platform where whatever you write, post, share, etc. can be seen by everyone across the globe so people have begun to use it for saying what they want to say and want to be heard by the world. This paper tries to scan the positive and negative usage of social media for exploiting the freedom of speech & expression. Read More