Step towards a safer future - Self Defense Workshop

The Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies in collaboration with the Special Unit of Police for Women and Children organized a 10 days voluntary Self-Defense Workshop for girls in the college, under the guidance of Office of Director, Academics and Students’ Welfare (A and SW). The faculty coordinator for this training was Ms. Mona Gupta. The workshop took place between 4-17 September 2018. The training was provided by Head Constable Ms. Sushila, Head Constable Ms. Neetu and Constable Ms. Pooja who have been working with Delhi Police for last 15 years. A total of 40 girls from different streams of the college attended the workshop.

The workshop began with the address by Dr. Shilpa Khatri Babbar, Director, A and SW talking about the importance of self-defense and how it has become mandatory in today’s fast-paced, growingly unkind world. She highlighted that self-defense training helps women build not just upon their physical but also their mental and emotional strengths.

The girls were introduced to the importance and nitty-gritty of the Himmat Plus App, an initiative by Delhi Police for the protection of women across the city. The third day of the workshop was attended by Mr. Vineet Vats, to inspire and boost the students’ morale.

The trainers also conducted an interactive session with the girls, sharing the story of the inception of this training in the year 2002 along with few of their personal experiences.

The girls began their training by learning some basic rules of the self-defense classes. They were made familiar with the pray position, formation of the fist for the punch, basic punch Position, and hay- sound that is to be made during the attack to make the attack more powerful. The next in line was the introduction of basic and intermediate self-defense techniques, including ashikaga-shi punch position, fingertips attack, neck locks, other block attacks, elbow attack, hand grips, bust attack, book & pen attack, hair grip and defense, other grip attacks and defense.

All the three trainers made sure that the girls are well versed with all the techniques and made them thorough by repeating them uncountable times.

On the last day of the workshop, Dr. S.C. Vats, Founder and Chairman, VIPS, delivered a motivational addressed encouraging the participants. He discussed how self-defense builds confidence in women. Self-defense calls greatness out of women and empowers them to be more than what they think they can be alongside teaching women the art of discipline, and that discipline transfers over to all other areas of their lives. He also encouraged the girls and asked them to spread a word to join such training programmes in the future with full enthusiasm which will be beneficial for their all-round personality development.

The workshop concluded with students sharing their wonderful experience and a vote of thanks by the faculty coordinator. It’s because of the hard work of students and the organizing committee of the NSS Society that it was a successful event.