Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS)

The true goal of education is not merely about intelligence but rather “Intelligence Plus Character”. Education is seen as a continuous dialogue where the faculty plays the role of a facilitator and not a teacher. ‘He who dares to teach must never cease to learn ‘, is the backbone of our classroom delivery.Prof. N. R. Madhva Menon, a renowned legal educator and a receiver of the Living Legand of Law Award, he said. “Law influences every person ,from the cradle to the grave” and in line with this belief, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies is an integral part of VIPS.
“No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking”, said a renowned French philosopher and a celebrated author (1694-1778).
Keeping this in mind, at VSLLS, we induce amongst the students, the urge to think intensively and to think critically.This enables them to meet the challenges of the times. They are constantly reminded that they have chosen to pursue and practice, not business but vocation.

  Vivekananda school of Information Technology (VSIT)

The school offers the students to opt for Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Master of Computer Application (MCA) Programme.
The demand for these courses is dynamic and the impact of the IT revolution has created more and more professional opportunities for the students.
The course content is comprehensive and the students are kept abreast with the latest development in the IT field. The emphasis is not only on acquiring theoretical knowledge but also on learning practical skills which are in indispensible part of the curriculum at VSIT. For the holistic development of our students not only do we organize cultural events, workshops,guest lectures but also encourage our students to improve upon their soft skills and skills. VSIT has consistently produced students who have excelled in academics. Most of the top position are secured by our students in the University Term End Examinations. we are proud of our three Gold Medalists. Students have also made us proud in sports cultural activities. while some of our students are practicing in some eminent Blue Chip Companies, others are pursuing Higher Education from prestigious Institutions.

  Vivekananda School of Journalism & Mass Communication

The Bachelor programme in Journalism and Mass Communication at VSJMC combines the rigours of academic excellence and hands-on practical training for training a fairly large number of students who will then take up challenging jobs in the fast growing and diverse media industry. VSJMC boasts of a great infrastructure as well as a skilled and well-qualified faculty, which has enabled us to produce both industry leaders and university toppers. The ever converging world of mass media has fueled the need for multi-tasking and multi-talented media professionals, and while VIPS always aims at high academic standards, extra-curricular activities like festivals, events and seminars enable the students to develop hands-on event-management skills, interact with industry experts and exchange ideas with students from other institutes and backgrounds. All this and more makes the BJMC course at VIPS an amalgamation of brilliant ideas, top-class academic standards and best-in-class facilities.

  Vivekananda School of Economics

Vivekananda School of Economics (VSE) is the new initiative of VIPS launched in 2017. The reason why there is a growing demand amongst students for Economics or the high cut-off rates in the subject are an indicator to the fact of the growing relevance of Economics in the world today. To cater to this growing need and demand, VIPS has initiated BA (Honours) Economics programme with an intake of 120 students. In Law, Journalism, IT and Business Studies VIPS has already been a leader and in Economics too it will now be the new torch bearer. What attracts one to this course surely is employability and also the prestige associated with the subject. What goes in for enhancing one’s employability are essentially the specific skills that one will hone and learn while earning a degree in Economics at VSE from distinguished faculty trained at prestigious universities in India and abroad. The department intends to establish a very strong industry academia connect. This link with the global community of scholars and industrialists will be maintained by hosting visitors from academia and industries, running regular expert sessions, panel discussions and organizing conferences on select themes.

  Vivekananda School of Business Studies

With its deep industry linkages, A-list faculty, years of research and insight, VSBS comes with a rich heritage and interactive experiential based pedagogy that prepares students to learn “how to think” as opposed to “what to think” Since inception, VSBS has been endorsed by quality intake of students, exposed to over 10,000 books strong library, e-library with on -and off-campus access,cloud based portals to always stay connected with faculty, research facility and exposure to industry and merit-based placement opportunities.

  Vivekananda School of English Studies

Vivekananda School of English Studies (VSES) runs BA English (Honours) programme. It stimulates, enhances and nurtures the interpretative, expressive and critical skills of the students within a rigorous English Honours course that takes them through the best in world literatures. The faculty at VSES engage the students in identifying, analysing, interpreting and describing the texts within the historical, social, geographical and cultural contexts in order to enhance their ability to read, understand and reflect on texts from different perspectives. Regular internal assessments, class presentations, intense tutorial sessions and a packed timetable are the hallmark of the department, empowering the students for their future professional endeavours whether it is in the field of higher academic learning, communication or publishing. Woven within the pedagogy is the exciting tapestry of co-curricular calendar of varied literary activities.
It is a matter of pride and honour for VSES to have erudite professors of eminence from renowned universities on its board. VSES is privileged to have extremely dynamic faculty who convert the classes into interactive lively spaces of learning where students are stimulated and encouraged to participate and engage in dynamic discussions. Apart from giving their hundred percent into the department’s curriculum and its co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the faculty members also foster and encourage a healthy engagement with VSES students through mentoring.
VIPS has always been a torchbearer in all round education and the newly created English Department would strive to further consolidate and uphold this legacy, pledging to the high ideals in academic performance and social duty.