A.K. Koul

A Guest Lecture by Prof. A.K. Koul, Former Vice Chancellor, NSURL, Ranchi, India on Anti-Dumping: Issues and Concerns Date: 08 th February, 2017

International law is a field of law that has many facets; international trade Law being the most intricate of them. Sometimes it’s pertinent to gather an insight of the subject through a discourse with experts from the field. It was an honour to have Prof. A.K. Koul , eminent scholar in the field of International Trade Law amongst us to enlighten us on the concept of Anti-Dumping in International Trade. The lecture was primarily attended by the students of Eighth semester as they have International Trade Law as one of their subjects, as also students of other semesters having interest in the subject, also joined in. Students were delighted to meet Prof. Koul whose book they have been referring to develop understanding of the subject. Prof. Koul discussed the changing scenario of International Trade world- wide along with the progressive liberalization of tariffs in order to develop free trade and the challenges related thereto. He accentuated on the complicated issue of dumping and how the issue has not only economic but also diplomatic and political implications. He discussed in detail, the jurisprudence of the Anti-dumping Agreement and how dumping is recognized through the accumulative calculation of the pricing/value of the product and its effect on domestic industries of the contracting party. Sir took time to categorically discuss in detail, the problems faced by a country when a product is introduced into its commerce through dumping and how difficult it is to address the problem. The students took great interest in all the elaborations given on the topic. The session ended up with a question answer round where students put across their queries which were answered by Prof. Koul with lot of patience and proficiency. It was elating to see the active participation of the students. Prof. Koul appreciated the inquisitions and zeal of the students to know further about the topic. The session concluded with a vote of thanks extended by Prof. Rashmi Salpekar, Dean Vivekananda Law School. Ma’am profusely thanked Prof. Koul for sparing time for our students and for sharing his knowledge with all of us. The lecture was coordinated by Dr Shivani Singh, Faculty member, VLS. Ms Divya Sugandh, and Mr Nilesh Bhardwaj, students of VIII semester compared the programme efficiently.