Mutual fund is a pool of money of investors who, based on the trust they have in investment advisors or firms, invest their savings into different market securities such as shares, debentures, bonds, foreign markets with an aim to achieve a common goal like, capital appreciation and dividend earning. The objective of this papers is to find the factors that influence the behavior of mutual fund investors while investing in mutual funds including the factors that stops the investors to invest in mutual funds and to study the impact of demographics like age, gender, marital status, occupation, income & educational qualification on the behavior of mutual fund investors. This paper examines the behavior of mutual fund investors for which survey has conducted in Delhi among 140 respondents through a structured Questionnaire which resulted in the identification of 6 factors governing investor behavior namely investment through SIP, high management cost, company’s portfolio, company’s return policies, Training & Development Programs and Customer Care Services. The study found out that Training & development Programs and Customer Care Services have a significance difference across different age groups of customers. Also, the middle income group respondents prefer mutual fund as a prior source of investment because by investing in mutual funds they are enable to earn a better rate of return with lesser risk. Read More