Influence of demographic characteristics of consumers on various factors of packaging for biscuits

Packaging is an important and influencing factor governing the buying decisions of various fast moving consumer goods like biscuits. Vidales Giovannetti (1995) states that packaging is the hall mark of various attributes of product which acts as secret sales person (Ampuero et al. 2006). This paper examined validity of various Factors of Packaging, the influence of demographic characteristics of consumers and customer satisfaction and brand value for Biscuits in Indian context. The data gathered from 423 respondents was analyzed using various statistical tools, one way ANOVA, t- test,CFA and tested for reliability and validity, The model so developed for buyer behaviour was confirmed with the help of CFA,leading to a conclusion that eight factors of packaging namely, innovation, price, technical quality, functional quality, customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, brand value and information quality govern the buyer behaviour of biscuits with resgard to packing while making choices. Brand loyalty, price and customer satisfaction have a significant difference for different age groups.

This study provides implications to marketers of biscuits which can be replicated across various othr categories of alike fast moving consumer goods that customers needto be provided with sophisticated, unique and different packages for their products to increase the customer satisfaction and enable brand loyalty. Packages should be available in various sizes to cater to customer requirements. Bright coloured and graphically appealing graphic packages attract consumers while varied sizes lead to customer satisfaction of achieving value for money even if they are making a trial purchase. Marketers need to be cautious of the pricing strategy of the product to cater to various age groups and build brand preference.Read More