Historicizing Diplomatic Immunity, Discourses on Uses and Abuses- A need to revisit

Respecting the representatives has been an age old tradition in global diplomacy. In modern context, “The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations (1961)” and Other on “Consular Relations (1963”) have been the path breaker, often surviving strongly against the test of time. The immunity given to the Diplomats and Consulars , have arguably been, one of the most controversial provision in modern international diplomatic setup, with privileges being misinterpreted, and laws being handcuffed. The worst, has been the helpless response of the states, often misusing the barter, the convention has brought in. The issue complicates with evolution of new criminal trajectory, involvement of citizens of third state and lack of collective goodwill from nations together. Are the victims, the sole loser or the law itself hibernates- amid protests, jingoism and with diplomatic bankruptcy? It’s high time, to review the half a century long original texts and work on the maladies- so the future experiences are better of than the questionable past. Read More