Training and Skill development in Legal Drafting and Office Management

The inaugural lecture titled “Civil Litigation Pleadings and Documentation” in the series of special lectures on “Training and skill development in Legal Drafting and Office Management” was delivered by Dr Arun Mohan, Senior Advocate on Saturday, 8th September 2018 at VSLLS . The audience comprised of students pursuing LLB and LLM students of VSLLS as well as other institutes. The lecture focused on crucial skills in basic rules in drafting of pleadings as well as drafting of legal Notices, Plaint, Written statement, Rejoinder, Evidence by way of affidavit and Caveats. Dr. Arun Mohan shared his valuable insights into the legal profession and shared the importance of forming right habits for drafting which prove to be the most valuable asset for any professional in the legal domain.

PARICHAY: VSLLS Orientation Series 2018

VSLLS believes in providing a holistic view of the entire legal field and the new vistas and opportunities that open up when a student embarks on the journey to become a legal professional. What better way than to provide a firsthand experience of those who have been there, seen it all and done it all- the doyens of the profession, the judges, the educators and the practitioners. Also law does not operate in a vacuum; it affects and is affected by a myriad of other disciplines. Towards this end VSLLS organized an orientation series “Interdisciplinary Approach to Law” for the new students.

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The first of the VSLLS orientation series 2018: Parichay started on 1st August 2018. AGAAZ: The INCEPTION aimed to inculcate in the students and the parents a holistic view of the entire legal field and the new opportunities that beckon on the horizon, as they embark on this exciting new journey. The doyens of the field attempted to inculcate in the students the interdisciplinary approach to law and its relevance in the present era.
The event was illuminated by the traditional lighting of the lamp which dispelled the dark of ignorance and sought to instill in students a yearning for learning.

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The distinguished speakers addressed the students on various aspects of law and the need for an interdisciplinary approach in legal studies. Prof. (Dr.) Rashmi Salpekar, Dean VSLLS, introduced the theme of Interdisciplinary studies in Law.
The distinguished speakers who presented their conception of the theme were Prof. (Dr.) I.M Pandey, Director General Delhi School of Business, Prof. (Dr.) Rattan Sharma, Chairperson VSBS & VSE and Principal Director-Technical Campus VIPS, Prof.(Dr.) K.L Tripathi, Principal Advisor, VIPS, Prof. (Dr.) Ravi. K. Dhar, Director JIMS, Prof. (Dr.) Prasannanshu, NLU Delhi, Adv. Manish Arora Supreme Court of India, Prof. (Dr.) Siddharth Mishra, Adjunct Professor and Mentor VSJMC, Prof. (Dr.) Anuradha Jain, Dean VSE, Prof. (Dr.) Shilpa Khatri Babbar, Director, Academics and Students Welfare VIPS, , Prof. (Dr.) Supriya Madan, Dean, VSIT, Prof. (Dr.) Indira Bhardwaj, Dean SBS, Prof.( Dr.) Amit Channa, Dean VSJMC and Prof. (Dr.) Salonee Priya, Associate Dean of Vivekananda Institute of English Studies.

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Dr. S.C. Vats Founder, Chairman- VIPS exhorted the students to follow the words of Swami Vivekananda “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”. He also thanked the parents for placing their faith in VIPS and assured them that “we are and will excel in academics”

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The day 2 of the VSLLS orientation series 2018: Parichay commenced on 2nd August 2018. The event DHWANI- THE SOUND was graced by Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed, Former Chief Justice Jammu and Kashmir High Court and was attended by more than five hundred students.
The Hon’ble chief guest Justice Badar Durrez Ahmed, Former Chief Justice Jammu and Kashmir High Court being welcomed by Prof. (Dr.) Rashmi Salpekar, Dean VSLLS.

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Distinguished guest Justice Ahmed enlightened on the beauty of India. Asserting on the basic structure of India, he emphasized on its role to protect and promote the essence of “India”. He exhorted the students to make India a better place to live for the future generations.

Prof. ( Dr.) Rashmi Salpekar, Dean VSLLS thanking Justice Ahmed for gracing the occasion and enlightening the students on the special role of law in the society.

The faculty and students being inspired by the exhortations of Justice Ahmed.


The day three of the VSLLS orientation series 2018: Parichay commenced on 11th August 2018. The event GOONJ – The ECHO was graced by Hon’ble Mr Justice J R Midha, Delhi High Court.

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Justice Midha oriented the law students on how to become better law students, lawyers and judges. While interacting with the students Justice Midha emphasised on the importance of rule of law as a cohesive force for the society and the need of maintaining highest standards of ethics by the professionals practicing in the area.

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Prof. Emeritus (Dr.) Upendra Baxi orienting the students. He enlightened the students that the Preamble is the guide to the future and as citizens they have the duty to keep on trying. He exhorted them to be free thinkers and to study law with a social purpose. He also stressed on the importance of constantly innovating.

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Dr. S.C. Vats, Chairman VIPS thanked Prof. Baxi for the excellent discourse given by him to the students and sought his cooperation to achieve greater excellence in academics.