Dr. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra

Dr. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra
(Ph.D, LL.M, J.R.F, NET)

Prof. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra, has an experience of teaching in Law for more than 17 years. She has done her LL.M from Guru Nanak Dev University (G.N.D.U), Amritsar. She has cleared her JRF/ NET in December 2000 and joined Department of Law, G.N.D.U as a Junior Research Fellow. She participated in the 33rd Study Session of International Institute of Human Rights, held at Strasbourg, France in 2002, after acquiring the partial scholarship from the IIHR.

Her area of specialization is Law of Contract, Human Rights and Property Law. She has presented various papers in National and International Conferences and Seminars. She has also presided over various national conferences and seminars. She has been invited to judge moot court competitions. She has authored five books.

    1. NGOs and Protection of Human Rights.
    2. Transfer of Property Act and Indian Easement Act, 1882.
    3. Marginalised Groups in India: Legal Mechanism to Combat Inequalities.
    4. Legal Protection to Marginalised Groups.
    5. Law of Contract.

Her book titled NGOs and Protection of Human Rights find place in various libraries including the library of the Parliament.

She was dean, Vivekananda Law School, VIPS from 2013 to December 2015. She has many published Articles in National and International Journals to her Credit.

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Dr. Rajni Malhotra Dhingra