Applicability of Forensic Science in Criminal Justice System in India

In the last few decades, the infusion of technology in crime investigation has been a major breakthrough in the process of advancement of criminal justice. Police utilize scientific tools and techniques to detect a crime, reconstruct the crime scene, identify the alleged offender and establish vital links; the courts, on the other, take account of these physical evidences, otherwise infallible, and determine with enhanced accuracy the innocence or guilt of the offender. Somewhere, the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice functioning has come to be intertwined with the extent of use of technological tools in crime investigation.

Forensic evidence is a discipline that functions within the parameters of the legal system. Its purpose is to provide guidance to those conducting criminal investigation and to supply to courts accurate information upon which they can rely in resolving criminal and civil disputes. The present paper will analyze the legislative frame with regard to applicability of forensic science in criminal justice. It will also try to probe the reasons as to why the role of forensic science in Indian criminal justice administration is still at rudimentary stage or restrictive in nature, even though since last few decades, a tremendous technological advancement in scientific era has been made. The Indian legal structure and its allied subsidiaries need to be remolded towards the achievement of result oriented forensic investigation and trial, so that speedy remedy & justice to victims of heinous crimes may be provided. Read More