Campus Life

To become educated is not the main goal of a liberal arts education. Rather, the main goal is to become educated to live a life of purpose, joy, generosity, and wisdom. At VIPS, education is for life and begins with the First Year Experience Programs, which provide freshers with a road map of academic and extracurricular opportunities and with encouragement to make a full life on campus.

Campus life is supported by professional staff that plans the program for housing, recreation, ministry, leadership training, academic tutoring, and cultural activities.

But most artistic, cultural, social, and volunteer opportunities run on the ambitions and energies of the students themselves and the club they lead. The interests represented by these clubs are as vast and as varied as students interests But a full life is made up of gifts that are given as well as received. VIPS students are encouraged to be, in the Jesuit phrase, “men and women for others,” and to give themselves through a wide range of volunteer service programs, from tutoring underprivileged children, to giving clothes in rural Area.

15th March: VIPS Alumni Meet 2017