Message From Advisor

Prof. K. N. Tripathi

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies fosters a highly enriching research environment and is committed to the importance of research while enhancing its richness in the institute. Sustained efforts are made to produce quality research in emerging areas and interdisciplinary studies. Continued initiatives are taken for organizing research activities and faculty is awarded research projects with seed money for conducting research. Over 200 research papers have been published by VIPS faculty and there is a continued emphasis to do better and richer.

VIPS is perhaps the only institution under GGSIP University where the management volunteers funding research from its own resources first and provides financial grants to faculty members to travel internationally for research paper presentations in conferences and seminars. Faculty members at VIPS also receive grants from institutions like ICSSR.

VIPS adopts a multi disciplinary approach in research supported by its four schools, Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies (VSLLS), Vivekananda School of Information Technology (VSIT)Vivekananda school of Journalism and Mass Communication (VJMC), Vivekananda School of Business Studies (VSBS). A conducive research atmosphere for research across schools supported by a rich library with access to 20,000 journals both online and print are available.

Research builds the academic rigor and creates powerful thoughts leading to a better teaching output too. This is the framework with which we at VIPS have been working towards a holistic faculty development and growth to create an environment rich with resources to enable research.

Various research development programs and activities are organized which are initiated by identification of faculty needs in specific areas to inculcate a research culture and enable a creative, critical paradigm of thought that leads to high quality research output in the form of papers, articles, cases, reviews and reports. Nationally and internationally acclaimed resource persons are invited to address in seminars organized by various faculties from time to time.